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Craft Yeast for
Craft Brewers

  • We offer novel Saccharomyces and non-Sacch yeast strains for brewing, as well as yeast consulting, banking, and lab services.
  • Mother Nature created over 150,000 yeast species, but only a handful are currently used by craft and homebrewers. We’re delivering the tastes and smells you’re missing.

  • We’re wilder than the competition; none of our strains are rescued from bottle dregs. You'll be getting the truly novel.

  • We’re legit, we’re local, we’re Midwest.

  • Let's get wild.


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Local Everything

Wild Pitch Yeast was conceived with the “local” movement in mind: drink local, brew local, yeast local. We’re based in Bloomington, Indiana and have a collection of yeast strains that are local to us, but local is wherever you are. We can work with you to find ultra-local strains in your neighborhood, yard, or favorite special place.

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"Yeast is the new black."

— Someone, Somewhere, probably

To date, we’ve worked with craft breweries and distilleries in Bloomington and beyond, but homebrewers, winemakers, bakeries, and anyone else who is using yeast are welcome and encouraged to get in on the Wild Pitch bonanza.


Our three co-founders bring 15 years of professional yeast biology experience to the table, as well as 20+ years of home and craft brewing expertise. We’re available for consulting and special projects, but we also just love beer and want to help make your beer its best. We've worked with craft distilleries and have some experience with kombucha too. Artisanal fermentation is what we're all about. If you have a question, call or email us, and we’ll help in any way we can.