Standard Kit Plus

Standard Kit Plus


This is double the size of the standard kit (10 samples), and while the strains again remain the property of Wild Pitch Yeast, you have the option to exclusivity. For a negotiable fee, you can license one or more of your ultra-local strains, and no one else will have access. This is a great way to find a new house strain and differentiate yourself from the competition. For $25/strain, we will also identify your strains at the species level with our LS-SI analysis.

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At Wild Pitch Yeast, we’re all about the local movement: grow local, buy local, drink local. We love beers that are made with hometown ingredients, and there’s no reason that shouldn’t include local yeast. Although we offer a collection of yeasts from Indiana and various other states and countries, we’d love to help you find an ultra-local brewing strain from your own town, brewery, or back yard.

That’s where our yeast hunting kits come in. We will send you a sample collection kit with simple instructions so that you can go bio-prospecting for the yeasts that are all around you. Upon receipt of the kit in our lab, the samples will be processed to enrich for ethanol-tolerant yeasts, analyzed for their aroma and flocculation characteristics, and the strains will be imaged by light microscopy. All of these data will be returned to you within two weeks of the beginning of sample processing.